Notes to Self / Updates

Had a bad storm last night. Dwarf tomatoes held up extremely well. No damage at all I think. The Pink Berkley Tie Dye was bent over, I should have had it staked. I think it’ll do okay though. I staked it and cleaned off the leaves some. Carrot seedlings were all smashed into the soil. I stood them up, they should do okay. Broccoli and brussels sprouts were also bent over. Straightened them out, they should do okay. About half of one of my biggest cucumbers plants snapped off.


  • Scarlet runner beans sprouted today


  • Planted 26 pelleted Romance carrot seeds yesterday
  • I need to plant the 4 OSE pollinator project pepper plants soon


  • Hummingbirds have been at the feeder for about a week and a half
  • Peonies started blooming about 3 days ago
  • Neighbor’s elderberry is still blooming



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