Milkweed sowing

My Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed) seeds that I germinated using the hydrogen peroxide/water method have been growing roots for three days now, so I planted them this morning. 11 had germinated, 4 did not. I filled up small peat pots with moistened Espoma organic seed starting mix, and planted one seed per pot. I bottom watered them and set them on a seed tray on top of my Agrobrite light fixture that I have garden seedlings under. I used a cheap thermometer I have for Camo (bearded dragon), and the temperature on top of the light fixture is 83.7° F. The temperature on top of the soil on the seed tray on the light is 69.5° F.

I also planted some more lettuce mix seeds from Adaptive Seeds and stuck them in the tray with the milkweed.

I cut 5 strands from my Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts) to propagate. Each had 5 or 6 leaf sets. I removed the bottom leaf set on each, and then stuck the stems in a glass with water. This is my first time propagating Ceropegia. I put the clear plastic top of Justin’s ice cream maker over the glass since some people online said they covered theirs. Plus it keeps Roly from eating or playing with them. We’ll see how things go.

I don’t know how temperature affects succulent leaf propagating, but I stuck a tray of leaves that I pulled off plants yesterday on top of the light fixture on Camo’s tank. The leaves I put on the dining room table seem to take forever to start growing roots, so I’m interested to see if some heat will speed things up. Temperature on top of Camo’s light is 83.3%. Temperature on top of the table is 67.9%. Huge difference.


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